Baking Time

Show details

Company: Presentation House Theatre and UK’s Oily Cart Theatre

From: Vancouver, Canada

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: 3 - 6

Location: Ateliers C&D (Museum)

Language: English


Purchase of a ticket to any performance also entitles you to participate in the other activities happening onsite at LeBreton Flats Park free of charge (unless otherwise indicated)!

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About the Show

The making of bread takes center stage in this live interactive show.  Engage with Bun and Bap, two of the most playful and messy bakers you will ever meet.  Prepare yourselves for snowstorms of flour, forests of breadstick trees, jagged mountains of crust, and marvelous characters molded from dough who transform before your eyes as a tantalizing aroma fills the room – an actual loaf is baking!  All this and more is on the menu, helping to create a delicious performance.

Baking Time