2017 Site Map


1 - Tent 1

Africa Land Circus, Productions Kalabanté, QC
Ashley MacIsaac
Tetris, Arch 8, Netherlands

2 - LeBreton Flats Park Plaza

Wanted, eVenti Verticali, Italy

3 - Barney Danson Theatre

The Man Who Planted Trees,
Puppet State Theatre Company, UK

4 - Atelier B

Waves, all that Glows Sees,
Le Théâtre des Confettis, QC

5 - Atelier C/D

Baking Time, Presentation House Theatre and
UK’s Oily Cart Theatre

6 - Katena Luminarium

Architects of Air, UK

7 - La Nouvelle Scène

I on the Sky, DynamO Théâtre, QC

8 - Canadian Museum of History

A Heart in Winter, Théâtre de l’oeil, QC


A - "Zone Active" CEPEO

B - Landsdowne Park Adventures

C - Mobile Archery Booth

D - Pedalheads

E - Altitude Gym

F - Long and McQuade Instrument Petting Zoo

G - Mega Construx Beyonder Zone

H - 100 Watt Earth Stage presented by KUMON


j - Puppets Up! Workshop

K - Aga Khan - Together Exhibition

L - Mad Hatter Tea Party

M - Kromatik - Face Painting

N - Parc Oméga