They Called Her Vivaldi

Theatre Lovett, Ireland

They Called her Vivaldi tells the story of a girl named Cecilia Maria, called Vivaldi for her many musical gifts.

60 minutes  / 7+


Teater Patrasket, Denmark

FLY is a puppet theatre drama presenting important life lessons through empathy and a gentle touch of humour. 

40 minutes  / Ages: 5+

Les Parfaits Inconnus

Les Parfaits Inconnus, Quebec

An adventure through the circus arts where comedy, acrobatics, imbalance, and juggling come together to the rhythm of live music.

60 minutes  / All Ages 


Theater Mummpitz, Germany

Curtains up for a piece of world literature for kids with live music, real actors and incredible tricks.

60 minutes / 7+

A Mano

El Patio Teatro, Spain

A MANO is a must see! Let this little terracotta adventure take you by the hand and lead you on a journey to a unique little world!

45 minutes  / 6+

Is this a Dagger? The Story of Macbeth

Andy Cannon, Scotland

This humourous, engaging take on a Shakespearian classic is a wonderful introduction to a very wicked tale.

 60 minutes / Ages: 8+

Paper Planet

Polyglot Theatre, Australia

This beautiful, gentle installation is filled with tall, strange cardboard trees, paper leaves, boulders, birds, and creatures.

60-120 minutes (variable)  / All ages