Countries Shaped Like Stars

Mi Casa Theatre, Ottawa

In Countries Shaped Like Stars we meet Gwendolyn Magnificent and Bartholomew Spectacular – a duo whose love story is best heard through a tin-can telephone. With water glasses, whirly winds, a mandolin and performer operated lighting, they create the images and sounds of a landscape forever altered by regret.

55 minutes  / Ages: 7+

A Simple Space

Gravity & Other Myths, Australia

Seven acrobats push their physical limits without reserve; this performance is simultaneously raw, frantic and delicate. Supported by driving live percussion and presented so intimately that you can feel the heat, hear every breath, and be immersed in every moment.

60 minutes  / All Ages

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Femmes du Feu, Ontario

A contemporary circus performance, taking place on a magical tree, with 2 nests and 2 wood swings hanging from the branches. It's the story of two young birds that discover each other, play and learn to fly in its branches. 

30 minutes  / Ages:  0-5 yrs


Iron Peggy

VICF, Boca del Lupo & Red Diva Projects, Vancouver

Iron Peggy is an excellent introduction to WWI and a touching testimony that not only celebrates the First Nation participation in the war effort but also a young girl’s personal victory.

50 minutes / Ages: 10+

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More to Come


More to Come