VIEW SHOWS FOR 2018! (more information will be added when available)

Fred Penner


For many adults who grew up with the music, and the popular TV show, Fred Penner’s name brings back fond childhood memories of a kind, gentle man who shared wonderful songs and stories.The acclaimed Canadian family entertainer believes in the healing ability of music and in “never underestimating your ability to make a difference in the life of a child.”  The Ottawa Children’s Festival is proud to present Fred Penner and we encourage everyone to join in this musical celebration, guaranteed to inspire and delight us all.

60 minutes  / All ages


Theater De Spiegel - Belgium

NEST is a poetic, gentle show for little tots. A couple seek out the safety and warmth of a nest to hatch their eggs. Their young learn to fall, get up and leave their home.  Join in this engaging musical journey designed to stimulate a child’s curiosity and imagination. After the show, children are invited to explore the nest.

35 minutes / Ages: 6 months to 3 years

The Secret Life of Suitcases

Holden & Arts - Scotland

The Secret Life of Suitcases is a playful, high-spirited piece that celebrates handmade creativity in a digital world. Meet Larry, he works in an office and likes his world, and everything in it, in perfect order. Until one day when a suitcase suddenly appears at his door. Join him on a thrilling adventure as he journeys from high seas to deep outer space, the fantastical flying suitcase brings Larry the thrill of adventure and the joy of returning home.

45 minutes  / Ages 6+

New Owner

The Last Great Hunt - Australia

Follow the adventures of Bernie, an energetic and loveable puppy who is adopted from an animal shelter by an elderly woman.  While out on a walk, Bernie gets spooked and bolts away.  Lost, alone and hungry he makes his way through the city streets.   New Owner is a sensitive show about loss, friendship and new beginnings.  Combining puppetry, live action and animation, we are taken on a journey through a dog’s eyes.

60 minutes / All ages

Jam Side Up

Kif-Kif Sisters- Théâtre de rue, Québec

The Kif-Kif Sisters are a breath of fresh air.  Flying bunnies, speeding French fries, hat tricks and more! Identical twin sisters blend comedy and audience interaction in this amusing puppetry/circus show. Their freakish acrobatics, messy escapades and general silliness will captivate and delight the audience.

45 minutes  / 5 to 12 years old


Puzzle Theatre, Montréal

In this fun and playful number, prepare to be amused and inspired by colourful creatures who fill themselves, empty themselves, fly around, and eat each other – can you imagine plastic bags coming to life? Puzzle Theatre offers, once again, a multicoloured performance with unusual puppets, humour and unexpected situations.

40 minutes / Ages: 5+

Machine de Cirque

Elsie Management - Montreal

Five Apocalypse survivors are on a quest to find others utilizing a most astounding machine.  Courageous, touching, exhilarating and funny - these crazy characters are full of energy - masterfully handling the teeterboard, juggling clubs, drums, and even bath towels! They do not hesitate to make you laugh, to move you and especially to dazzle you.

90 minutes  / All ages

Swan River

Skeleton Key Theatre - Ottawa

Join seven-year-old Pen and her older brother, Cob, as they unravel a family mystery and discover that perhaps the Legend of Swan River is more than just a story... Stepping into the world of the play, audiences will journey through the landscape, experiencing Swan River through live performance - theatre, music, visual imagery, and interactive installations. A story about identity, adaptability, acceptance and family, Swan River celebrates the extraordinary power that we all have to love one another unconditionally.

50 minutes  / Ages 7+

Boxy George

Teater Refleksion - Denmark
George is alone. It’s nice to be alone. Everything is neat and tidy. Perfect. But one day a box shows up. And George isn’t alone anymore. Boxy George is a non-verbal puppetry performance about a man who knew his way around the world – until the day it took an unexpected turn. Teater Refleksion’s intimate and beautiful show invites audiences of all ages to appreciate the value of friendship and companionship.

40 minutes  / Ages: 6+