What’s On


Africa Land Circus

Productions Kalabanté, Québec
The renowned Africa Land Circus brings the wonderfully warm and vibrant culture of Guinea to life through musical expression, rhythm, and crazy acrobatic stunts. Drum beats, feats of athleticism, traditional music and dance.

60 minutes  / All ages


A Heart in Winter

Théâtre de l’œil, Montréal
A spectacular puppet theatre adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen”. In this lovely interpretation of the classic story, the company relies on media and visual components that are entirely breath-taking and unique.

55 minutes / Ages: 6+


Ashley MacIsaac

Internationally acclaimed Canadian fiddling sensation, Ashley MacIsaac, constantly pushes the boundaries of traditional Celtic music, incorporating rock, pop, and everything imaginable in between.

60 minutes / All ages


Baking Time

Presentation House Theatre and UK's Oily Cart Theatre
The making of bread takes center stage in this live interactive show.  Engage with Bun and Bap, two of the most playful and messy bakers you will ever meet!

60 minutes / Ages: 3 - 6


I on the Sky

DynamO Théâtre, Montréal
A brilliantly imagined and stunningly realized work by DynamO Théâtre. Famous for their blend of physical theatre, dance and story-telling, this production will inspire everyone who sees it.

55 minutes / Ages: 10+


Katena Luminarium

Architects of Air, UK
Walk into an incredible Luminaria sculpture, and enter a unique world of light and colour. Through labyrinthine tunnels and cavernous domes, you can wander freely or just lay back and enjoy the ambience of the structure. Enter and be amazed!

20-30 minutes / All ages



Arch 8, Netherlands
Taking inspiration from the classic 80s game Tetris, this dance quartet delves into how we connect, on both a physical and emotional level. Using unbelievable skills of physical dexterity, this show will leave you wondering: how do they do that?

50 minutes / Ages: 6+


The Man Who Planted Trees

Puppet State Theatre Company, UK
A multi-sensory theatrical adaptation of Jean Giono’s environmental classic. This performance combines animation and puppetry in a unique blend of story-telling that offers insights into one man’s love of the earth!

65 minutes / Ages: 7+



eVenti Verticali, Italy
High above the ground, the acrobats of Wanted will blow your mind. Sucked into a cartoon world, the two artists play “cops and robbers” on a vertical stage, taking a nonsensical and comic journey. Wanted is a brilliant visual comedy vertical show featuring video projections on a large outdoor screen.

45 minutes  / All ages


Waves: All that Glows Sees

Le Théâtre des Confettis, Québec
A lovely, gentle show of puppetry and magic for the younger set. Step into a new world and imagine. Two artists working together, telling a magical story with the help of various visual objects, effects and music in perfect harmony.

35 - 45 minutes  / Ages: 18 mos to 4 yrs