Fred Penner


Fred Penner 's musical celebration is guaranteed to inspire and delight us all.

60 minutes  / All ages

Boxy George

Teater Refleksion - Denmark

Boxy George is a non-verbal puppetry performance about a man who knew his way around the world – until the day it took an unexpected turn. 

40 minutes  / Ages: 6+

The Secret Life of Suitcases

Allie Cohen Puppet Maker & Unicorn Theatre - Scotland

The Secret Life of Suitcases is a playful, high-spirited piece that celebrates handmade creativity in a digital world.

45 minutes  / Ages 6+

New Owner

The Last Great Hunt - Australia

New Owner is a sensitive show about loss, friendship and new beginnings.

60 minutes / All ages

Jam Side Up

Kif-Kif Sisters- Théâtre de rue, Québec

The Kif-Kif Sisters are a breath of fresh air. Their freakish acrobatics, messy escapades and general silliness will captivate and delight the audience.

45 minutes  / 5 to 12 years old


Puzzle Theatre, Montréal

Puzzle Theatre offers, once again, a multicoloured performance with unusual puppets, humour and unexpected situations.

40 minutes / Ages: 5+

Machine de cirque

Machine de cirque - Québec

Five Apocalypse survivors are on a quest to find others utilizing a most astounding machine.

90 minutes  / All ages

Swan River

Skeleton Key Theatre - Ottawa

A story about identity, adaptability, acceptance and family, Swan River celebrates the extraordinary power that we all have to love one another unconditionally.

50 minutes  / Ages 7+