100 Watt Productions, Ottawa, Ontario

created & directed by Kristina Watt in collaboration with youth ages 12-17

47 minutes  |  Ages 8+  |  ATELIERS C&D  |  English

What happens when you’re told there’s 12 years and it’s the 11th hour? Theatre through the hearts of youth, 12 is an urgent love story between generations and towards the planet we share.

12 is an original theatre creation that gives voice to youth regarding the climate crisis and the future they have inherited. It is a playful invitation to stop, listen, and to consider what it actually means to take action, together, now.  12 is theatre for all ages but –by necessity– performed by youth. Grounded in hope & determination, it voices their confusion with inaction of leaders, corporations, and with their elders. The script is built from writings/conversations with 11 teens, interviews they had with citizens of Canada (all ages), transcript from the international meeting, COP24 in Poland, and words of global youth activists such as Autumn Peltier, Boyan Slat, Greta Thunberg, Xuihtezcat Martinez and the Australian high school students who were told by their PM to be “less activist.”

Performances this November 2021 will coincide with COP26 in Glasgow, 3 years after the promises of COP24 2018.


Creator/Writer/Director: Kristina Watt Villegas

Performers & Collaborators: 11 youth, ages 13 – 18

  • Sofia Henson Preibisch as #1
  • Sebastien Cimpaye as #2
  • Olivia S. Smith as #3
  • Ethan Whidden as #4
  • Anna Wiebe as #5
  • Quinn Lesaux as #6
  • Sophie Dean as #7
  • Raluca Voina as #8
  • Jax Young as #9
  • Natasha Knight as #10
  • Ines Leokadia Fenton-Blazeka as #11
  • Ana Clara Bouffard Lima as Understudy

Stage Manager and Disability Consultant: Drea

Assistant Stage Manager and Media: Angela Haggert

2021 Developed Sound Design: Jon Carter (Original Design: Kristina Watt)

Set & Costume Design: Kristina Watt

Videographer/Photographer: Brigitte Pellerin, Catherine Robson

Sketch Artist: Jennifer Robson

Youth Music Composer: 142_azure

ASL Interpretation: Carmelle Cachero


The youth performers and co-collaborators who are no longer in the cast but whose contributions remain:

  • Jaya Matiation as #1
  • Anna Carsley-Jones as #5
  • Savva Boguslavskiy as #10
  • Kaatje Yates as #8

Thanks to the organization that allowed “12” to begin in 2018: Ottawa Children’s Theatre

2 youth with mouths open speaking
A youth with a raised fist
6 youth, with one at centre looking out at us
5 youth stand in a line