Countries Shaped Like Stars

di gaetano and pearlman, almonte, ontario

45 minutes  |  Ages 6+  |  may 26-29  |  English

Studio Black Box, Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave, Ottawa

A love story for adults and precocious children, Gwendolyn Magnificent and Bartholomew Spectacular use a tin-can telephone to share with audiences their whimsical love story in Countries Shaped Like Stars.

 This performance begins with demanding dragon fruits and ends with heartache whispered into the ears of birds and constellations. The duo uses performer-operated lights, brimming water glasses, whirly winds, and a mandolin to create a landscape forever altered by regret.

 Countries Shaped Like Stars is a stunning achievement, full of whimsy, charm, and original music – truly a production for all ages.


Created and performed by: Nicolas Di Gaetano and Emily Pearlman

Directed by: Patrick Gauthier

Lighting design by: Di Gaetano & Pearlman

Costume and Props design by: Sarah Waghorn