Felicity Falls

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre, Ontario

45 minutes  |  Ages 4+  |  nov 19-20  |  English

Barney Danson Theatre / Ateliers C&D, Canadian War Museum, 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa

Once upon a time a group of animals had to find a new place to live. They crossed grey, rocky mountains and found a green valley, a blue river and a small waterfall. The valley had everything they needed, so they built houses there, and a mill — and they called their village “Felicity Falls”.

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre delivers warm funny stories about life’s little problems – like a lost teddy bear or a leaky roof. In a series of short stories, the show follows the everyday lives of a group of animals as they build their home and their community in the Ottawa Valley.


Puppeteer:  Kathy MacLellan

Puppeteer:  John Nolan