Bring a class or group to the 2019 Festival and take advantage of ticket discounts, free on-site activities, complimentary tickets for adults and more! Bring a picnic, see a show, get your face painted then enjoy the on-site entertainment. Let us help you plan an unforgettable day!

I have been taking my students to the Ottawa Children's Festival for the past number of years for one reason only. It is simply the best representation of the style of children's theatre that I have seen in my years as a teacher. There is an intelligence, creativity and professionalism second to none in the companies that make up the festival each year. There is no pandering or condescension to the audiences and the work always sparks discussion and excitement in my students. It is simply a joy to have this festival right here in Ottawa.

~ Paul Griffin – Canterbury Highschool


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About the OCF

Since 1985, the Ottawa Children’s Festival (OCF) has existed as a community based program to surround young people with excellence in the performing arts that:

  • engages instinctive creativity
  • excites boundless imagination
  • encourages individual expression

The theatre I have seen at the OCF goes far beyond mere entertainment - it engages the minds, the hearts, and even the bodies of my students. It fulfills the purpose of Arts education in one of its highest forms: a full soul experience that feeds students’ imaginations, shows them what is possible and what it is to be human.

~ Barbara Brockmann, Glashan Public School


Our mandate is to create a variety of programs for children aged two to fifteen, focusing on enriching school curriculum and promoting the arts as an integral part of children’s education.


The OCF provides a unique opportunity for children and their families to experience the rich heritage of other cultures right in their own backyard. We strive to present work that excites and challenges audiences of all ages, and the Festival prides itself on developing and producing award-winning programming that comes to us from across Canada and around the world.