Jam Side Up

The Kif-Kif Sisters – Théâtre de rue, Montreal, Quebec

40 minutes |  Ages 5+  |  ATELIERS C&D  |  English

Humour and imagination is what the Kif-Kif Sisters of Jam Side Up bring to stage! These identical twins make bunnies fly and fight the giant chewing gum. They perform wacky stunts to wow and inspire the imaginations of their audiences.

The Lépine twins have been tumbling, flipping, and bringing joy to children for over a decade in over fifteen countries. Their goal: to induce a riot of laughter with their zany antics and to get children to see themselves as adults who continue to play.


Written, directed and performed by:
Josette Lépine and Françoise Lépine

Lighting and stage design:
Josette Lépine and Françoise Lépine

Artistic advisor:
Soizick Hébert