Get your passport to adventure! We’re building an OCF Kids Club.  What do you want to see in this space? Fun ideas, projects, book reviews?  We’d love to hear from  you!

Be sure to send us picks of your creations to add to our Gallery!


November 2022 Art Project

Fall Into Art

November 19-20, 2022, join artists Dan Martelock and Tom Radford for a collaborative art workshop for children and families attending the Fall Into Play Mini-Festival at the Canadian War Museum. The final product will result in a mural with an “Ottawa Winter” theme that will provide great photo ops for families!

This activity is free with your show ticket.  




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Monster Buddy

Build a Monster Buddy

This is a craft we were going to be offering during March Break at various Ottawa Public Library branches. We had created kids with complete instructions. You can find them HERE and make your own!



In 2019 we had a lot of fun running our #OCFROCKS workshops and contest. We’ve have seen lots of photos floating around on social meeting of people finding wonderful painting rocks while out on family strolls. This is a fun thing you can do at home! Complete instructions can be found HERE!

Monster Colouring Book

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OCF Monthly Recommendations

Movie Night

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown and his friends are getting ready for their annual Halloween activities when Linus tries to sway the group to wait for the appearance of The Great Pumpkin.

Game Night


Players: 2 or More  |  Ages 6 +

Find it first, find it fast! Pictureka is a visual cgame of hide and seek. To win the game, you must complete the most missions. 

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