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OCF Family Favourite Games

Bob Ross - Happy Little Accidents

This is a very funny game to play with the family.  It's a drawing contest and it starts with making something out of a scribble.  Bob Ross is classic pop culture that seems to have been revived and the kids all know him again!


Connect 4

This is a great game for a child to play on his own or against one other person. My kids actually beat me at it all the time.  Which they find hilarious.


Guess Who?

Another great game to play with just 2 but we also play in pairs.  Just a great classic game.


We have many different versions of Monopoly.  This Ottawa Monopoly is our new favourite.  The kids love that they recognize the street names.  I put a limit on how long we play and, at the end of the time, we add up our money and property to see who is the winner.  Otherwise this game can go on forever!


Another classic drawing game. Truth be told - you don't even need to purchase the game to play this one.  It's like charades but you draw the word/phrase instead of act it out.


This is one the whole family enjoys.   We usually team up to have one adult and one younger child. We aren't die-hards who look everything up in the dictionary but we will call someone out for a misspelled word.


Love word games? Find as many words as you can in all sort of directions each round to be the winner.

The Floor is Lava

Spin the wheel to hop from tile to tile and stay on while doing fun tasks without touching the floor (or lava).

Get Packing

Have trouble packing for a fun getaway? Get some tips on how to place various vacation items into a suitcase for 30 different destinations by placing them in your bag and closing it tight!


Got a quick eye? Test out your ability to find the images on the cards before your opponents do in this fast-paced game!

Ticket to Ride - First Journey

Create the most train routes across North America with the aid of train cards to be victorious.

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