60 minutes*  |  ALL Ages  |  may 20-23  |  NON-VERBAL 

Tent 1, LeBreton Flats Park, 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa

* NOTE: Opening Night Show 6pm Friday May 20 is 90 minutes 

Straight from Quebec, six acrobats and musicians amaze with their breath-taking and hilarious acts. This whirlwind of action comes together in a cheeky story, in which our five muscular rascals play survivors in a world without women and technology. Their mission becomes apparent right away: finding other survivors. It will be dangerous, but fun at the same time.

They easily let themselves get distracted by their flights of fantasy and share a special talent for getting themselves into perilous situations. It’s only natural! How could they survive otherwise in this universe devoid of women and computers?

Reckless, touching and comical, these six wacky characters share a contagious bond. They masterfully handle a teeterboard, juggling clubs, a drum kit and even a bath towel!


A Machine de Cirque Production

Director, co-writer and original idea: Vincent Dubé

Co-writers, co-directors: Yohann Trépanier, Raphaël Dubé, Maxim Laurin, Ugo Dario & Frédéric Lebrasseur

Music: Frédéric Lebrasseur

Artists: Guillaume Larouche, Thibault Macé, Philippe Dupuis, Samuel Hollis, Laurent Racicot

Musician: Frederic Lebrasseur or Steve Hamel or Olivier Forest (one musician at a time)

Artistic advisors: Patrick Ouellet, Harold Rhéaume & Martin Genest

Scenography advisors: Josée Bergeron-Proulx, Julie Lévesque & Amélie Trépanier

Costume Designer: Sébastien Dionne

Lighting Designer: Bruno Matte

Sound Designer: René Talbot

Mechanical engineer : David St-Onge

Technical Direction: Patrice Guertin

6 youth, with one at centre looking out at us
2 youth with mouths open speaking
A youth with a raised fist
6 youth, with one at centre looking out at us
5 youth stand in a line