Company: L'Aubergine

From: Quebec

Age: All Ages

Location: Imagineland, LeBreton Flats Park

Language: Non-verbal


Free, as part of Imagineland (Admission to Imagineland is $5 or free with your show ticket.)

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Characters from the clowning world of L’Aubergine, some of the realistic, some fantastical, interact with unsuspecting audience members in a playful improvised spontaneous performance! Like ships adrift, these larger than life costumed characters walk about plotting random courses searching for adventure in a maritime world of their own. ÖHÉ is a journey in a singular world of impromptu story-telling and high adventure!


This activity is part of OCF's Imagineland

Purchase of a ticket to any performance also entitles you to participate in Imagineland activities happening onsite at LeBreton Flats!  Imagineland access is $5 or FREE with a ticket to any show! (The only exception being Kromatik Face Painting is an additional $5.)