Save the Dates: May 11-14, 2023

Our 2023 Festival will take place from May 11-14, 2023! We will be presenting award winning International theatre for families at 3 different venues – LeBreton Flats Park, the Canadian War Museum and Arts Court.

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Teater Patrasket, Denmark | Ages 8-12 | English

A new version of Carlo Collodis’ classic story about a puppet who has to learn to become human and his dangerous journey in a world full of odd characters, wondrous events, temptations and deceptions.

A wild, visual and musical show, directed by Alex Byrne, with magical puppetry, ensemble play and grim humor.


Gravity & Other Myths, Australia  |  All Ages | Non-Verbal 

Supported by driving live percussion, seven acrobats push their physical limits without reserve in A Simple Space. This performance is simultaneously raw, frantic, and delicate. The acrobats present this performance so intimately that audiences can feel the heat, hear every breath, and are immersed in every moment.

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Organizzazione MOMOM, Italy | All Ages | Non-Verbal

Heart is a play about emotions. To manage some emotions within your heart, sometimes you need a dictatorship, sometimes anarchy.

On stage, MOMOM creates new fairy tales with themes that are important to human beings: fear, death, identity, integration, emotions.


Riverbank Arts Centre, Ireland | Ages 8+ | English 

Using a combination of storytelling tools including music, puppetry, live video projection and the willingness of the audience, Collapsing Horse brings this story to the stage in search of its beautiful, strange, emotional richness.

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Patch Theatre, Australia | Ages 3-10 | English

Using original music, lasers and projections, ZOOOM brings the audience on an adventure to help a lost star find its way home.

Inspired by iconic children’s book Harold and The Purple Crayon, ZOOOM channels the same philosophy – a child who makes sense of their world through art.


WeeFestival Productions, Canada | Ages 3+ | Non-Verbal 

This beautifully designed puppetry work, performed without words to an enchanting musical score, reveals a storybook world where rivers sing, trees laugh, and curious dragonflies come to visit. It tells the tale of a grumpy old man, living in a little house in the woods, whose life is forever changed when a magical creature leaps into his world.

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TREE: A World in Itself
Motus Marionnettes & Théâtre, Quebec | Ages 4+ | Non-verbal

TREE: A World in Itself, is a multi-sensory, interactive universe enveloped in soft light, music, and silence, where five characters continually adapt to meet the needs of their audience.  It was created for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and adapted for children with intellectual disabilities and/or reduced mobility.