The frog, at the bottom of the well, believes that the sky is round

Vélo Théâtre, FRANCE

75 minutes |  Ages 6+  |  may 20-23  |  English/FRENCH

We all are filled with the memories of our first home and our first experiences of the world in which we lived. Home is our first playground, a place that never leaves us.

For this new creation dedicated to the whole family, three devoted domestic employees introduce us to the plastic and sensorial universe of their master who spent his life collecting houses. They open the doors of his curiosities room and invite us to travel through the intimate territories of that enigmatic and yet so familiar character.  The images as a language hold the central part in the evocation of this dreamlike house, the initial shell of which becomes our native country.


Charlot Lemoine, Tania Castaing or Dominique Vissuzaine, José Lopez, Fabien

Philippe Lefebvre (Flop) and Vélo Théâtre

Music and sound engineering:
Fabien Cartalade

Light engineering:
José Lopez

Florent Ginestet