40 minutes  |  all Ages  |  may 19-23  |  English

Courtroom, Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave, Ottawa

The Libravian explores themes of courage and identity, celebrating brilliant books and diverse stories through big-hearted physical comedy.

The show invites audiences on a journey through literature led by Lynn, a lovable ‘libravian’ drag queen equipped with comfy shoes and jazzy cardigans. Lynn chats with audiences and lip syncs to original audiobook soundscapes that immerse the listener in the world of each book. This unique performance, with playful costume and intricate sound design, reinvigorates civic spaces and delights young audiences, families and schools with a celebration of literature, story and diversity.

The Libravian was commissioned by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children through an Arts Council Commission Award, in association with Children’s Books Ireland, The O’Brien Press, and Little Island Books.


Director: Cillian O’Donnachadha
Performer: James Riordan
Sound Designer: Jenny O’Malley
Production Designer: Orla Clogher

2 youth with mouths open speaking
A youth with a raised fist
6 youth, with one at centre looking out at us
5 youth stand in a line