Femmes du feu, welland, Ontario

40 minutes  |  Ages 0-5 years  |  may 19-23  |  English

A magical tree. Two nests. Two wood swings. Play from sunrise to sunset. This is the whimsical setting where audiences will be wowed and amazed by Tweet Tweet!

Two performers take on the roles of young birds. They awaken in their nests on a spring morning and discover each other on a magical tree. They play and learn to fly within its branches. Their world is enchanting, serene and peaceful, reminiscent of a forest. The set is hand made, inspired by the nature-based Reggio educational philosophy. The set was created with as much reused materials and as little plastic as possible. After the performance, audience members are encouraged to stay and play.


Produced by: Femmes du Feu 

Concept by: Lindsay Goodtimes and Holly Treddenick

Created & Choreographed by: Lindsay Goodtimes, Holly Treddenick & Monica Dottor 

Performed by: Lindsay Goodtimes and Holly Treddenick 

Directed by: Monica Dottor 

Apparatus Creation: Upstage Fabrication Inc 

Set Design: Kelsey Carriere 

Sound Design: Monica Dottor 

Lighting & Bird Watcher: Ian Goodtimes 

Costume: Tanis Sydney McArthur 

2 youth with mouths open speaking
A youth with a raised fist
6 youth, with one at centre looking out at us
5 youth stand in a line