A Visit to the Ottawa Children’s Festival – Information for Students


Field Trips are not only academically important for children but they also provide the opportunity to learn social skills in a real-life setting. Providing your students with background information on the Festival will better prepare them for their visit.

We want the overall Festival experience to be as beneficial as possible for your class.

  1. Learn About our Festival – Encourage your students to spend some time looking through our website, either on their own or with their parents.  (Contact the OCF Groups Sales Coordinator for promotional materials – posters, bookmarks, etc. –  groups@ottawachildrensfestival.ca.)
  2. Enter our Contests – Get your students involved! We run special contests for schools leading up to our Festival. Prizes awarded can range from free in-school workshops, onsite Pizza Pizza lunches and gift cards.
  3. Use our Curriculum Links – Some productions prepare educational guides for their shows. Visit our Programming page for short clips of the shows and curriculum links. Our Group Sales Coordinator can also provide useful information to help with in-class activities.
  4. Why are you going to the Ottawa Children’s Festival? – Reinforce in your students the importance of The Arts in a child’s education. Studies have shown that exposure to The Arts positively affects all areas of their education.  
  5. Code of Conduct – Review the school’s code of conduct and what you expect from them on this field trip. Visit our FAQ page for further information on attending the Festival. This will help prepare them for the visit.  
  6. Sign up for an Onsite Workshop – Information on free workshops for school groups will be made available. They fill up fast so act quickly!
  7. Take Part in the Scavenger Hunt – The Festival creates an onsite Scavenger Hunt for students to complete during their visit.  Prizes are awarded daily; participating in this type of group exercise adds to their experience.
  8. Have a Post Festival Chat – Take a few minutes to discuss their experience at the Festival.  Always best to do this while it is fresh in their minds. Writing journal entries post-Festival is also a great idea.  If you can, share their experience with us. We love hearing from the kids!