Imagineland access is FREE with a ticket to any show!

(including the shows at Arts Court)

Join us on the Festival grounds at Lebreton Flats (near the War Museum) before and after performances for a variety of fun and interactive extra features that will let you unleash your creative side!

May 11-14:
Activities 10:00am–2:00pm
The schedule may vary daily.


Big Ideas in Small Spaces
Created and Performed by the 2022 Ottawa Children’s Festival Creator Incubator Participants.

Bring your big curiosity to explore and discover small intimate performances InTents at the Ottawa Children’s Festival. There are SIX mini performances, each  5-15 minutes long, so you can pop in to see one piece between the Mainstage offerings, or stay for them all. Theatre, clown, music, shadow puppets, dance – you will find them all InTents!

This project is funded through the generous support of the the Canada Council for the Arts. Additional thanks to The Ottawa Fringe Festival for their rehearsal venue support

Two By One
By Rebecca Benson, Prop & Set design by Andrea Steinwand | Ages 3-7
Where do socks go when they go into the dryer but don’t come out? Join the search for the missing sock for an unexpected discovery.

By Alli Harris | Ages 6+
A Ted Talk for the skeptical, led by a polarizing vegetable. Don’t believe the haters, Broccoli is cool.

Every Body Band
By Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, music by Scottie Irving | All Ages
Part marching band, part pop up dance, 100% fun. Every Body Band is a participatory experience for everyone! No experience or instruments required. Languages: Movement, English, French.

Saudade is a big word
By Ludmylla Reis, with Anne Hammels | Ages 5+
Inspired by Rubem Alve’s “The Little Girl and the Enchanted Bird”, audience members experience the joy of loving someone from far away

Boîte’s in the box?
By Mitchel Rose | Ages 6-11
A bilingual clown finds the foibles in fear with the help of fun, friends and maybe a fart.

A Story for Everyone
By Caity Smyck with Kate Addison | Ages 4-7
With shadow puppets and live music, old stories are made new when the storyteller allows themselves to take on the role of the hero.

Mindfulness Workshops


Artists, Robbie Lariviere and Emilie Darlington, will curate an interactive mural onsite at the Ottawa Children’s Festival. Using water based spray paint, and markers, participants will be guided in the creation of a 45 ft long community mural. Participants will learn how to use these tools and help Robbie create a colourful and vibrant piece of art, which will be proudly displayed on the festival grounds.


Pieced together Story Walk


The Pieced Together StoryWalk is an outdoor, bilingual, choose your own adventure, self-directed, active story book! Making choices at every turn allows you to experience a different story every time you take the StoryWalk, with four different endings to discover!
Created and written by Timm Holmes, with support from the Ottawa Public Library.

Mindfulness Workshops


Orbital Talent’s team of circus artists will engage and instruct children and families at the Ottawa Children’s Festival.  Visit them at Imagineland where you can learn balance skills, rolo-bolo, juggling, plate spinning, hula hoop, yo-yo, and so much more.  Come on by and discover your new talent!


Jeffery Banks of JB Arts (Almonte), and a team of Puppet Professors, will offer free puppet making and hand casting workshops for children attending the Ottawa Children’s Festival. Participants will first make a hand cast, while it is drying they will create unique finger puppets with help from the professors, which can be displayed on your very own “hand” stand.  The Ottawa Children’s Festival is pleased to be able to partner with Puppets Up! again and hope one and all will join them as they return for their fantastic festival in Almonte August 11-13.