The Happy Prince, a Radio Play

With support from the Ontario Arts Council, the Ottawa Children’s Festival de la jeunesse partnered with Ottawa’s Skeleton Key Theatre to create a live radio play adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic fairy-tale The Happy Prince ! Under the careful direction of Skeleton Key’s award-winning Kate Smith, this experience will be presented to a live audience at the OCF November Fall Into Play Mini-Festival.  
A young swallow meets the Happy Prince, a gilded statue that has never experienced sorrow. After viewing people suffering in poverty, the Happy Prince asks the swallow to take his jewels, all of his adornments, and give them to the poor. The moral of the story is that true happiness comes from leading a good and compassionate life, even if it means making material sacrifices. 
Wilde’s stories give young people and adults a renewed sense of the good in humanity.
Skeleton Key Theatre receives support from the City of Ottawa.
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TYA Creator Incubator

The TYA Creator Incubator is a group of artists who came together to think, re-think and generate processes around making theatre for young people. Their goal is to establish an incubator of professional local artists working in performance creation and facilitate conversations and shared learning.

Those ideas will be put into practice by making and performing short performance pieces for the Ottawa Children’s Festival de la jeunesse in May 2023. The short pieces are also potential drafts for longer performances, kickstarting a culture of creating local innovative work, and an eventual pipeline for local programming for the Festival mainstage.


It’s Like…

A group of Canadian artists worked virtually with Ottawa area students to create individual performances based on the children’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.