Planning Your Trip

Use our Field Trip Checklists to ensure you are well prepared for your visit.

Initial Planning Checklist:

  • Visit our website and pick your show.
  • Choose what you want to see and Place your order
  • Complete necessary school paperwork (e.g. field trip application).
  • Arrange for transportation.
  • Send home student permission forms.
  • Recruit chaperones and obtain contact information.
  • Sign up for Workshops – Groups must sign up in advance and be scheduled into any workshops.
  • Create Itinerary for the day and go over it with students and chaperones ahead of time.

Organizer Checklist – Day of the Field Trip:

  • Print out any information you received from the Festival (tickets, proof of payment, Festival sign for school buses, scavenger hunt document, Festival map, site contact name, number and title).
  • Confirm transportation and print out directions. (Note:  School buses must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your show’s start time, make sure you have school bus contact details and ensure the bus driver knows where you get dropped off, where they wait, and where you get picked up.)
  • Ensure your school name  is on the Festival sign for school buses and have it affixed in the front window of the bus.
  • List of all volunteers/chaperones, their cell phone numbers, and the children they will be responsible for onsite.
  • List of all students’ names and their parent/guardian’s contact information.
  • Copies of the day’s itinerary and Festival site map for all volunteers/chaperones.
  • First-aid kit (we will have Medics onsite but a few bandaids, After Bite and sunscreen are good ideas.).
  • List of students who must take medication during the trip and a container to protect any medicine needed.
  • Student & school name badges to put inside backpacks and lunch bags.
  • Check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • Emergency contact information for your school and school board.
  • Emergency cash.
  • Fully charged cell phone.
  • Your own lunch and water bottle.