40 MINS  |  AGE: 5+  |  ATELIERS C&D  |  English

Jam Side Up

The Kif-Kif Sisters – Théâtre de rue, Montreal, Quebec

The Kif-Kif Sisters are a breath of fresh air.  Flying bunnies, speeding French fries, hat tricks and more! Identical twin sisters blend comedy and audience interaction in this amusing puppetry/circus show. Their freakish acrobatics, messy escapades and general silliness will captivate and delight the audience.

47 MINS  |  AGE: 8+  |  ATELIERS C&D  | English



12 is an original theatre creation that gives voice to youth regarding the climate crisis and the future they have inherited. It is a playful invitation to stop, listen, and to consider what it actually means to take action, together, now12 is theatre for all ages but –by necessity– performed by youth. Grounded in hope & determination, it voices their confusion with inaction of leaders, corporations, and with their elders. The script is built from writings/conversations with 11 teens, interviews they had with citizens of Canada (all ages), transcript from the international meeting, COP24 in Poland, and words of global youth activists such as Autumn Peltier, Boyan Slat, Greta Thunberg, Xuihtezcat Martinez and the Australian high school students who were told by their PM to be “less activist.”

50 MINS  |  AGE: 6–12  |  BARNEY DANSON THEATRE  |  English

Crossing the Ocean


For ten years, a box sat in the man’s basement, unopened. It was left to him by his father when he passed away.  One summer, he decides to open the box at his family cottage on an isolated island in the middle of a deep, dark lake. On his way there, a wave hits his boat, and the box is thrown overboard. It sinks down to the very bottom of the lake. The man’s three attempts to recover the box take him on a magical journey below the waves – but when he finally brings the box back to the surface, will he be ready to open it? This multimedia theatre piece begs the question, “What will you remember when you grow up, and how?”

35 MINS  |  AGE: 4+  |  ATELIER B  |  English and French



Freely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina, L’Illusion’s most recent production combines puppetry, dancing and music. Audiences are taken into an organic world in this performance that changes before their very eyes.